2017 Zinfandel Hendry Vineyard Block 29

The Hendry Ranch is composed of 114 acres of vineyard and is situated in the hills northwest of Napa, just off of Redwood Road. This latitude in the valley experiences substantial marine influence, and allows them to grow some of the best Napa Zinfandel.

My father, Kent Rosenblum, passed away on September 5th, 2018. On the Saturday before my dad passed away, my family was together for big family dinner. I thought it would be fun to pull a bottle of every Zinfandel I made from the 2017 vintage. My family tasted through all my 2017 wines, and my dad beamed and told me the 2017s were collectively the best vintage of wines I’ve ever made. When he got to my 2017 Hendry Zinfandel, he smelled it and looked up at me. “Shauna,” he said with serious tone in his voice, “this smells just like my 1984 Hendry.” That was the wine that launched Rosenblum Cellars into popularity. I don’t know what made me grab all those wines for my family to taste on that Saturday night, but I am so grateful I did. It means so much to me that Dad was so proud of the work I had done, and watching him marvel over my Hendry and then liken it to his own, is a memory I will treasure in my heart forever. That Hendry was the only wine he drank for the rest of the night.

Vintage 2017
Alcohol % 15.87
Size 750 ml
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