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2016 Zinfandel Reserve
Hendry Vineyard, Napa Valley
This stunning Napa Zinfandel exhibits aromas and flavors of freshly ground pink peppercorn, blackberry, blueberry, caramel, cigar box, forest floor, anise and minerality.
NV Sparkling Zinfandel
Lake County
This elegant sparkling Zinfandel saw two patient years of barrel aging. Aromas of blackberry, sarsaparilla and sage lead the pack, followed by charming flavors of blueberry, strawberry rhubarb pie and rose petal with a cranberry finish.
2015 Le Mur de Roche
Napa Valley
Aromas of dark chocolate, black tea, allspice, blueberry, and blackberry give way to flavors of boysenberry, and black pepper. This wine is big and tightly wound with a firm tannin structure, which gives this wine great aging potential. This wine could lay down for 5-10 years with no problem.
2016 Cabernet Franc
Holbrook MItchell Vineyard
Low Inventory. This wine boasts nuanced pyrazine aromas and flavors of jalapeno, integrated with lavender, blueberry, cola, sarsaparilla, tobacco and a lengthy finish.
2016 Papa's Syrah
This wine boasts aromas of aged leather, bacon fat, blackberry, white pepper, and a nuance of mint with flavors of blueberry, vanilla bean, sea salt and a pipe tobacco finish.
2016 Petite Sirah
Jack's, High Valley
This high elevation Petite Sirah boasts aromas of pomegranate, blackberry, leather, violets, and white pepper followed by bright flavors of blueberry, plum, and cacao
2016 Rosso di Fiore
This wine has a lovely tannin structure and a juicy mouthfeel. Aromas of tart black cherry, red plum, fig, thyme, tomato, and leather followed by flavors of minerality, tobacco, strawberry, thyme, black truffle, and dried rose petal.
2016 Ski King
Skiing is a treasured pastime for my family. My dad and his friend Craig were the ultimate ski buddies. At the top of the mountain, Craig would shout, “Is you ready Ski King?!” My dad would holler, “Let it happ’n Cap’n!” Then we would launch down the mountain.
2016 Zinfandel Reserve
Pearl Hart
The wine from these Ancient Vines exhibits flavors of dusty cocoa, berry pie, pipe tobacco, saddle leather, blackberry, black tea, honey, and a hint of cherry blossom.
2016 Zinfandel
Mariah Vineyard, Mendocino Ridge
Aromas of cherry pie, plum, pipe tobacco and sarsaparilla give way to flavors of s’mores, juicy blackberry, milk chocolate, white pepper and cola.
2017 Cabernet Sauvignon
Marcheschi Vineyard
The Alexander Valley terroir boasts aromas of chocolate-covered espresso beans, cola, cinnamon, graham cracker, and blueberries followed by structured tannins and notes of blackberry, dusty cocoa, marshmallow, cherry, plum and a lengthy finish.
2017 Chardonnay Estate Russian River
The 2017 is a vibrant version of this wine with beautiful aromas of minerality, caramel cream, and butterscotch followed by juicy fruit flavors of mango, apple, and angel food cake.
2017 Chardonnay
Vigna Monte Nero Vineyard, Santa Lucia Highlands
This expression of Santa Lucia Highlands is what I love about the appellation. There is an aroma of corn in this wine that I absolutely love, accompanied by aromas of French vanilla ice cream, pear eau de vie, and apple pie followed by flavors of Fuji apple, Asian pear, a hint of spiced eggnog, and caramel.
2017 High Valley Red Blend
Lake County
Low Inventory. This beautiful wine boasts aromas of black fruit and spice with flavors of blackberry, graphite, sarsaparilla, tobacco and cedar.
2017 Pinot Noir Estate
Russian River Valley
It would be tooting our own horn to say that these grapes are incredible (because we grow them), but they are.
2017 Zinfandel Cuvee Exceptionelle
This Zinfandel exhibits jammy, yet delicate aromas of strawberry jam, white pepper, and marshmallow and then gives way to flavors of raspberry, blackberry pie, ripe cherry, cinnamon. and nutmeg.
2017 Zinfandel Reserve Monte Rosso
The wine made from this vineyard is like drinking a history lesson in viticultural antiquity; it is an absolute treat.
2017 Zinfandel Reserve
Sven & Ole
This is the type of wine that my dad loved me to make. Thus, this wine is a tribute to my dad and to Sven and Ole, who personify my dad’s fun and easy-going personality and the joie de vivre he shared with everyone he met. Cheers to Kent, the best dad to ever walk planet Earth.
2018 Kent's Legacy Heritage Blend
Sonoma County
Low Inventory. This Heritage wine is a blend of the very best barrels from three vineyards that all date back to the 1880’s in Sonoma County.
2018 Mama's Reserve
This finished blend boasts delectable notes of grilled pineapple, dulce de leche, incense, and satsuma mandarin orange. Only the best, for the best. Cheers Mama.
2018 Nebbiolo
Herringer Vineyard
Low Inventory. Aromas and flavors of rose petal, tar, cherry blossom, tea leaf, minerality (like licking a terra cotta clay pot) and cranberry.
2018 Romancer
Heringer Vineyard
This unique blend boasts aromas of blackberry, cherry, sage, and red plum, with a bouquet of graham cracker, cocoa puffs, pipe tobacco, and flavors that confirm the aromas and bouquet. Please enjoy this wine with someone you love.
2018 Sangiovese
Marcheschi Vineyard
This is a big Sangiovese with aromas of strawberry, black cherry, sun-dried tomato, and thyme greet your nose followed by flavors of cherry, dried flowers, tobacco, and cured meat.
2018 Sparkling Blanc De Noir
I am thrilled that this wine finally came to fruition, albeit bittersweet that my dad never got to taste it. My dad and I shared a passion for Champagne and sparkling wine and a sparkling wine made from the grapes we grew is extra special.
2018 T-Rocks Red Blend Magnum
King-sized aromas of briary raspberry, boysenberry (my dad’s favorite jam, btw), pomegranate, Cuban cigar tobacco and sage followed by notes of plum, dark chocolate, mixed berry pie, and black tea.
2018 Zinfandel Reserve
Maggie's Vineyard
The color of this wine is bright red, and gorgeous. It bears elegant yet potent aromas and flavors of ripe red cherry flesh, raspberry, black cherry, bay leaf, freshly ground peppercorn, and honey.
2019 Fiano
Sicilia Vineyard
The 2019 Fiano reminds me of Italian Fiano more than any other vintage. I would attribute this difference to the growing season in 2019 and the fact that I picked the fruit just shy of 22 brix which gave us a lovely 12.9% alcohol. This charming Fiano leads with aromas of orange
2019 Grenache
Abba Vineyard
This Pinot-like Grenache exhibits aromas and flavors of strawberry, pine tar, sagebrush, thyme and rose petal.
2019 La Piquette
Aromas of guava juice, lychee, elderflower, and rich honeycomb emphatically greet your nose followed by flavors of pineapple, cantaloupe and minerality with a beautifully balanced mouthfeel. #obsessed
2019 Rosé of Pinot Noir
This wine exhibits notes of wet river rock, strawberry rhubarb, rose petal, cantaloupe, blood orange and hibiscus with a bright and refreshing finish.
2019 Sparkling Rosé
Notes of hibiscus flower, jasmine tea, watermelon, rose petal and a touch of strawberry make this rosé my new go-to bubbly. #YOLO
2019 Super Alamedan
The 2019 Super A boasts a very authentic Italian vibe with aromas and flavors of sun dried tomato, pipe tobacco, black tea, hints of tar, caramel, and rose petal.
2019 The Sweetie
The Sweetie boasts aromas and flavors of angel food cake, ginger, honey, and orange blossom notes
2019 White Wine
Tehama County
This savory blend boasts notes of white pepper, grapefruit, nectarine, honeydew melon rind, fennel, thyme, and salinity.
Dessert Wine NV
A portion of this lovely wine was aged in a bourbon barrel, so the vanilla whiskey lactones are really fun to try and pick up. Aromas of black cherry, maple, and rocky road fudge lead the way followed by flavors of strawberry, sarsaparilla, and a caramel finish. 375ml Bottle.
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